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    Glassharmonica & orchestra / Thomas Bloch plays "Adagio"


    by sombach

    The french multi-instrumentalist virtuoso Thomas Bloch plays "Adagio" by J.J.S. von Holt Sombach on his Armonica with the UANL Symphony Orchestra conducted by Felix Carrasco in Monterrey (Mexico). June 26, 2003

    Thomas Bloch informations :
    Felix Carrasco and UANL orchestra informations :

    Other names : armonica de verre (France), Armonica de vidro, orgue de verre (France, Belgium), crystal harmonica, crystal armonica, glass organ, crystal organ, Armónica de cristal (Spain), Armonica a bicchieri (Italian), glasharmonika (Germany, Denmark, Sweden), glassharmonika (Norway), Harmonika szklana (Poland), close instruments : glass harp, glassharfe, glass harfe, harpe de verre, verrophon, verrophone, seraphim, verres musicaux, musical glasses