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    Glassharmonica quintet / Mozart Rondo K.617 by Thomas Bloch


    by sombach

    An excerpt from the famous Mozart "Adagio und Rondo" K.617 for Glassharmonica and Quartet, by Thomas Bloch (Glassharmonica) and the soloists of the Orchestre Pasdeloup, during a concert given in salle Gaveau, Paris. This is the last chamber music work composed by Mozart in May 1791. The French multi-instrumentalist virtuoso Thomas Bloch (Glassharmonica, Ondes Martenot, Cristal Baschet) has also recorded a part of this work for the Milos Forman movie "Amadeus" soundtrack. A film by Agathe Simon for Orchestre Pasdeloup. November 5, 2006.

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    Other names : armonica de verre (France), Armonica de vidro, orgue de verre (France, Belgium), crystal harmonica, crystal armonica, glass organ, crystal organ, Armónica de cristal (Spain), Armonica a bicchieri (Italian), glasharmonika (Germany, Denmark, Sweden), glassharmonika (Norway), Harmonika szklana (Poland), close instruments : glass harp, glassharfe, glass harfe, harpe de verre, verrophon, verrophone, seraphim, verres musicaux, musical glasses