Killer Bees vs. Rougeau Brothers


by Stinger1981

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Another Great Brisk Action match from yester year, with guys / wrestlers i remember well. Thanks for posting,it's appreciated.
By garth leslie robinson 5 years ago
Thank you, Stinger1981 for adding this match. I've been looking for this match for years. I know the Rougeaus turned heel on the Killer Bees in 88, I just don't remember the match until now. Everyone thinks this match was Memorial Day weekend but I knew that it had to be Fourth of July weekend because I remember being on summer vacation.
By POWERSAW1980 7 years ago
I think this was the Killer Bees last non PPV TV match as a tag team. Nothing against the Rougeaus who were an underrated tag team, it's just that it was a shame that the Bees run had to end like this. They were very misused.
By POWERSAW1980 7 years ago