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    Eggs and Allergies


    by rstuv845

    52 views Baking a cake can be a fun way to spend time in the kitchen. Not to mention, cakes are delicious. As the cake is being mixed together with the necessary ingredients, eggs will most likely be one of them. Even though most cakes require eggs, not everyone can tolerate an egg because of allergies.

    When someone eats something that has eggs in it, several manifestations can appear. Nausea, vomiting, a headache, muscle aches, skin rash, hives, swelling and so much more can be the result ingesting eggs or something else. Take the flu vaccine for example—anyone who has had an allergic reaction to eggs will not be able to get the flu shot if the vaccine contains eggs.

    Many people have allergies to eggs and do not realize it. If there is a problem when eating an egg or egg product, listen to what the body is saying. What the problem may be, could be an allergic reaction to eggs.