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    Candles and Allergies


    by localizard

    24 views A candle is a very nice commodity to have and use. The gently aromas that seems to stimulate moods helps to bring a soothing, calm and warm feel to a home or office. Being able to choose from the many types, sizes, shapes, colors and scents will allow people to have their own preference. However, one thing is usually not thought of when it comes to purchasing a candle and that is the effect it can have on allergies.

    When using a candle, the wax or gel begins to melt and produces a smell, whether it is scented or not. This smell is one of many things that can aggravate anyone who is sensitive to smoke or a fragrance. The smell will envelope the atmosphere and depending on the person, can very easily trigger an onset of an attack of allergies that can turn into an asthma attack or worse.