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    GOOD: Christmas Made in China

    GOOD Magazine

    by GOOD Magazine

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    Super video Merci heh ^o^ ,..
    By loveelybabi9195 years ago
    Dude I love your videos so much. anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? ..
    By zaramitila15 years ago
    Alain Kerbrat
    excellent as usual
    By Alain Kerbrat7 years ago
    What way does the "Free-World" (Named Such) want it? We created this mess in the 1st place! Trade missions looking for what? I've never understood when it comes to unemployment in the West etc. Do we really know what we want? With all the recent re-calls on standards, I doubt it! And many other labour issues also!!! Yes, 'cheaper' but it the long run? It's about time We-st, gave Our Chinese Friends a Break. Like we would like to be, the Chinese ppl are Very Industrious. Therefore, we may say, Put-up or Shut up!!! That's the way I see it.... anyway! Tnx.....
    By britneymusic367 years ago
    Use nationalism as leverage against China to produce more food for us? Scarcity is uncontrolable unside of military dictatorships. Consuming this earth to death will take more time than the sun has to ingulf us, get your -facts- straight. Our world currently has a VERY extreme lack of imagination, reading, math skills. It's not the oil thats killing us, it's the brain drain dufus.
    By amecino7 years ago
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