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    Aspect Robotnik 2


    by Furnessly

    After watching the news that Brain Blessed Leaves Doncaster, Dr. Robotnik decides to dust his old gadgets but outside he saw Fuher K.Rool selling drugs to General Klump, however he accidentally goes back to 50BC as a Roman leader called Emporer Ing laughs at Conrad Slater (or a ancestor of him) and a certain gaul is around. Meanwhile Pimpsahoy tries to take over Youchew but stopped by Misselaineous as a Belgian reporter goes to America on the prow of JazzDance for Children. After ending up back in his time, Robotnik does the usual planning while dealing with Italians playing a Chinese version of Guitar hero. Later he plays some Concentration while Koujiro Mikusa (played by Mazz) dates Brenda Ross (played by Seppi). After his game, Robotnik wants to blow up Planet Freedom but Dopply, Miss, Rabbit, Fox, UncleChuck, TINS and the rest of the Youchew gang stop him. "Something old, something new, something brown and something blue", muttered Robotnik.

    After the failed plan; he goes back to his usual activities playing John Baldry Football, deals with a fake Robotnik who loves 69, lost the election but stopped the Conservatives, ran out of ideas and had a Taggasm.