BS: Legend of Link Mugen 2# Shao Kahn

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After being inprisoned in the phantom zone by Superman, hoping it would keep him from causing him anymore trouble. but instead of redinering him powerless, it revitalizes his powers to full power and is now headed to earth.
but thankfully, someone has responded a call on earth about a new threat that is headed for earth and is willing to distroy Shao Kahn once and for all...

ok, this is a double match against Shao Kahn.
the first one is against Kamzer13's version. I sware he has tons of invincibility frames in his attacks... (seeing some of my attacks went right though him) and the 2ed match is against Mike Obrecht's version. and what should you expect from a boss type character like Shao Kahn when you reach his 2ed form...