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// One signed card visually rises...

Dan Hauss - the creator that brought you Redline, Flow, LIT, and Sleeping Queens - presents a visual miracle. One signed card slowly, visually rises from the middle of the deck all the way to the top - in the most fair, clean, and fluid manner imaginable.

A card is selected from the deck and signed. It is left outjogged in the middle of the pack. Slowly and visually, the signed card moves up through the deck, penetrating the remaining cards in a visual display entirely under your control at all times.

+ You then hand the signed card back for complete examination.


Nouveau tour de cartes, de dan hauss: RIOT. L'effet est simple, suffit de regardé la vidéo pour voir.

Disponible sur t11:

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2 commentaires

nn enfin sa depend
Par maelrobert il y a 5 ans
les cartes qui remonte (cartes ambisieuses) sont des cartes gimmik???
Par monmondextra il y a 6 ans