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    Global Report - 18-December-2008


    by sunny

    209 views Caroline Kennedy next NY Senator! Heir to one of America’s political dynasties Caroline Kennedy is keen to join Family business as New York Senator, once Hillary Rodham Clinton dons the role of Secretary of State next month. There can’t be a better candidate from a New York perspective, but not all New Yorkers seem keen on the idea primarily due to her lack of political experience. She is someone who has no knowledge or interest in money and underlying economic questions facing the state, especially when both city and state face multi billion dollar deficits. Caroline daughter of 35th US President John F. Kennedy has been around politics all of her life and has built-in appeal and name recognition, but being a candidate is a different ball game.” No doubt she has a steep learning curve to climb. Only time will tell, whether her seemingly gentle presence can survive New York’s brutal political culture. RSS, VHP and Hindu Tamils Sri Lankan government must take serious note of radical Hindu groups from India declaring support to Hindu Tamils after an Indian Tamil MP alleged attacks by security forces on Hindu temples in the island. We can never allow such groups to meddle in our internal affairs given the huge social, economic, human cost paid by us to preserve our integrity. Other than launching an Inquiry into alleged incident the country’s constitution should also recognize the different ethnic, religious and cultural identities of Sri Lanka. They could be Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim. This recognition will erase sense of insecurity and help minorities invest faith in establishment’s ability to protect their identity. It must, however, be noted that no one should grudge the predominant place allocated to Buddhism on account of its unique contribution to Sri Lankan civilization. Afghan women burning Among hundreds of different kinds of problems Afghan women face one more serious problem is the burning of women where over 5000 people report with ...