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The "casa incierta" has got residency at "centro cultural de la villa". They also are developing an ongoing programme for babies. They are offering workshops for educators , parents and artists. They provide a parallel work including speeches, publications and films about art for babies.
It has been more than three years when "la casa incierta" began collaborating along with "el centro cultural de la villa" developing and expanding this huge theatre project for first childhood. This cycle "breaking the shell" has created great interest amongst the public and scenic art society. Each year we have reached our targets. This has resulted in constant success. "El centro cultural de la villa" has become the most important centre for theatre done for children. This has been the first public theatre that has given the chance to have a permanent programme specifically for children. Through the last three years the programme is been increasing steadily, attending to the huge demand. Nevertheless, we have make a cultural offer in this field, that should be a must in a European capital city such as Madrid.
Primary schools are eager to support this project, more and more ambitious by the minute. Companies have started to see the possibility to create theatre plays for infants and share the latest information about this kind of art all over Europe. This will be our main challenge for the years to come.
La Casa Incierta S.L.

Madrid. España

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