did coldplay really copy joe satriani

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is it really plagiarism or is it a coincidence and a huge mistake on coldplays part
yes the keys are altered as is the pitch for satrianis song but note that keys and pitch are variables and have no effect on the actual melody
note that these two get compared to other songs to



It's a bit too similar to be a coincidence, but who cares 'cause they're both great songs. The mix of the two is awsome; they should get together and release a version like this!
Certa Cito
By Wahwah20 4 years ago
of course it's plagiarism ! same tempo , same chords , the singing follows the lead guitar ...
what more do you need ?????????

shame on cold play ! they could admit that it wasn't intentional at least !

Satriani is far above that !!!
By William MacLeod 5 years ago
if anyone can read french: can u please translate if they say its coincidence or intentional
By thrashcopycats 5 years ago
yeah that is such a copy, I never liked coldplay anyhow..
Joe Satriani is the real deal~
Watching this just made me hate coldplay that much more...
By Malachi24 5 years ago
bah c'est juste que à force de tourner autour de trois notes et trois accords on finit par refaire la même chose inevitablement.
By Regis Combe 6 years ago
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