SHIVAREE - Goodnight moon - cover

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Cyrièle Cyro
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i'm just a little baby

12 commentaires

no ! it's okay, you're alright !
(I didn't understand because I have received notification as I had new comments but I couldn't see them. I found the selection of langages and I just saw them right now.)

In fact, when I learn how to play a new song I'm so happy and excited that I want to record it immediatly.
When I recorded this song I learned it 20 minutes before so you're right, I play it better now and I'll play it better tomorrow. :)

Thanx !
Par Cyrièle Cyro il y a 5 ans
i m sorry . i think you dont like strangerses comments
Par Lider il y a 5 ans
you killed me with " Good Night Moon ". perfect voice, perfect choice, perfect face. but according to me you must repeat to sing this song again. I believe that you can sing this song better better better
Par Lider il y a 5 ans
débutante, carrément, mais gauchère non. ;)
L'image de la cam est inversée.

Merci beaucoup en tous cas, c'est très encourageant !!
Par Cyrièle Cyro il y a 5 ans
Pas mal pour une gauchère débutante! Non je rigole...
C'est très joli. Bravo et poste encore, tu va tous les rendre accro!!
Par isis22 il y a 5 ans
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