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    Floods Rome Italy, Tiber Island


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    Floods Rome Italy, Tiber Island.

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    The video shows the high flood water level and wreckage from house boats and barges that broke from their moorings due to the floods in Rome Italy.

    The bridge in the first few frames of the video is the 'Ponte Cestio', it connects The Tiber Island with the Trastevere area.

    The hospital on Tiber island (on the upstream side of the island) wasn't effected by the floods but on the downstream side the water was high up the church walls. (You can see this on my other video of the flooding in Rome.) The rescue services were on standby to assist the hospital if levels continued to rise.

    Below , on either side of the Tevere (Tiber river) are actually cycling lanes. They were submerged by about 8 meters/yards of water! If you consider that the normal level of the water in the Tiber River (Tevere) is about 1 to 2 meters below the cycling lane!


    For more info and pictures of the Rome floods you can visit my website: