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    Medicus Make or Break 2: Toe-Up Position

    Medicus Golf

    by Medicus Golf

    Beau Rials, Mike Bennett (Medicus Advisor, PGA Tour Instructor), Bob Koch (Inventor of Medicus Dual-Hinge Driver) giving the make or break points to golf swing. The ways that you can use your Medicus to improve your golf game. The upper body continues to rotate turning slightly away from the target while keeping the right elbow close to the right hip. As the hands travel around the body and continue to cock/set, the club will become parallel to the target line and parallel to the ground with the toe pointing towards the sky. COMMON FAULTS: A. Weight transferred to the left instead of the right (reverse pivot). B. Over-rotation of hands, causing the clubface to travel too far inside. C. Continuation of B above. D. Right elbow pushed away from the right hip and the club lifted outside the target line.