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    Fer's story FoQ S02 E14


    por DMousheVids

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    how many people are Cabano and Gorka gonna kill, damn. lol. Thanks again! love it. Damn, Isaac got a lot of play.
    Por shouldbedancingHace 5 años
    that was amazing, that's for all the translations =]

    Por accidenta1Hace 6 años
    hmm I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find fer's story for the third season with subtitles? I know someone has put up videos on youtube, but its missing some of the earlier episodes where only Fer is there! I kind of wanted see every scene where fer is, in like Dmoushevid has done very graciously for us!
    Por celembrimborHace 7 años
    Go you translate the new season of FOQ??
    Please I like very much your translations and I would like to follow Fer's new stories, the season 3 seems to be very interessante in more.
    Thank you so much for your answer.
    Por cece83136Hace 7 años
    Thank you so much for uploading all these clips and subtitling them!! It took me a while, but now I finally found some time to watch them and now I'm hooked! I think this show is amazing... :D
    Por amber80Hace 7 años
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