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    Velvet Revolution Interviews Don Siegleman (Long Cut)

    Velvet Revolution

    by Velvet Revolution

    On July 2nd 2008, former Alabama Governor Don Siegleman granted Velvet Revolution an interview in which he discussed the case against him and Karl Rove's involvement in it. Due to YouTube time constraints the original version of thias video was trimmed to 10 minutes.

    This is the longer- 19 minute cut of the interview. In this version, Siegleman also discusses the case of Paul Minor, another target of the GOP Department of Justice.

    Since this video was taken, Karl Rove has defied a congressional subpoena (as Governor Siegleman predicted) claiming 'executive privilege'. If this flagrant disregard for our government and our legal system offends you, contact your congressman at and demand that he be held in contempt. Distributed by Tubemogul.