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    [E] Montirius, #2 - a biodynamic wine grower, the story

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    135 vues *Come on a wine & food tour with us!* --- Interview with Christine Saurel of Domaine Montirius vineyards. Domaine Montirius is located in the southern Rhone valley, in Gigondas and in Vacqueyras. The winery is owned and run by Christine and Eric Saurel, a young couple who have moved the vineyards to biodynamic culture. It is 58 hectares of vineyard in appellation controllee Gigondas, Vacqueyras and Cotes du Rhone, and some Vin de Pays. Eric and Christine have a fascinating story to tell - moving from traditional farming to organic to biodynamic; choosing to leave a long time relationship with the cooperative and start out as an independent winegrower. . . Christine tells the story of how Montirius came to work with first organic farming and then the biodynamic principles (based on Rudolf Steiner's theories). She explains some of the things it means: how you do it what kind of treatments you do, what difference it makes etc.

    PART 2: Discovering biodynamic vineyard farming The Saurels met with a person who knew how to work with biodynamic agriculture, M Francois Bouchet, agronomist specialised in biodymaic farming. He taught them about the growing methods, preparations, calendars etc. The first year they did it was a terrible year, the 1997 vintage, with a lot of mildew, but in spite of Domaine Montirius not spraying with traditional pesticides to fight the diseases, they had no such problems.

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