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    Dunwich Horror Trailer

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    by Dread Central

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    lol heh .... ,,.............
    By flying_angel12345 years ago
    hey dude u r awesome btw anyone wannt to chat?? ?!
    By angelbaby115 years ago
    ghay 2009 movie
    the 1970 version is the cat's pajamas

    this 2009 drivel movie does Lovecraft Wrong
    It's the cabbage patch version of Dunwich Horror
    it is soft horror

    look at Dagon, the over the pit scene, female lead needed that, the on fire scene, male lead needed that, an the old ones failing? PALease

    end of story this movie was horrid, the only recognizable good was dean stockwell and jeffery combs. Reanimator, From Beyond, they banish this movie to Rl'yeh for "correction procedures"
    By steve6 years ago
    I just finished reading the story and its looks like a little more going on in the trailer then i remember reading. I just hope the artistic license is true the Lovecraftian style of horror.
    By zomgrofl7 years ago