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    | CM Punk Tribute | Light it Up - Rev Theory


    by Roque

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    Those are the only words WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler could utter after the Straight-Edge Superstar made history, cashing in his Money in The Bank breifcase to win the World's Heavyweight Championship from Edge on the June 30th edition of Monday Night RAW.

    CM Punk is perhaps the most successful indy star to make a transition to New York. Most indy stars are famous within their own regional promotions then move to the big leagees and become average jobbers. CM Punk, a multi-time ROH Champion, is considered one of ROH's legendary three, he debuted in the WWE on Heat in a match against Val Venus, he showed the powers above what he had to offer. His unmatched in ring ability and unrivaled charisma has made him a fan favorite, only 2 years later he has become a 2-time World Champion. CM Punk is without a doubt a star of the future.

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