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    Dr.Ahura Pirouz Khaleghi Yazdi-"The Coming Crisis With Iran"

    دکتر اهورا پیروز خالقی یزدی-
    کنفرانس وضعیت اضطراری ایران

    Dr. Ahura Pirouz K. Yazdi the founder
    of Hakha Movement participated in
    "The Coming Crisis With Iran conference by The Century Foundation and The Center For American Progress.
    As always his message to American policy makers ," Mullahs are not Persian Iranians and this Islamic regime should not be called Iranians.
    Thomas Pickering, U.S. Representative to the United Nations
    Featured Panelists:
    Flynt Leverett, Senior Fellow, New America Foundation
    Sam Gardiner, Colonel, United States Air Force
    Barry R. Posen, Director, Security Studies Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Moderated By:
    Joe Cirincione, Senior Vice President, Center for American Progress
    Jeffrey Laurenti, Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation
    At this event The Century Foundation released the following expert white papers
    Gareth Smyth, Iranian Politics and Nuclear Confrontation
    Barry Posen, A Nuclear Iran: A Difficult but not Impossible Policy Problem
    Flynt Leverett, Dealing with Tehran: Assessing U.S. Diplomatic Options
    Bruce Jentleson, Sanctions Against Iran: Key Issues
    Sam Gardiner, The End of the Summer of Diplomacy