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    Educational Cell Phone Ebook
    When the microwave oven was first unveiled, consumers were told to jump back after turning it on. The radiation in a microwave oven is the same as what comes off a cell tower or an iPhone. The only difference: the industry decided not to warn you anymore.
    A significant increase in cancer, particularly breast and brain, occurs within ¾ mile of a cell tower.
    When not being used but still turned on, cell phones draw down radiofrequency waves. Men who wear cell phones on their belts can get testicular cancer.
    If you can walk around talking on your phone, it is cordless – read: wireless -- and has the same impact as a cell phone. Worse, the base station is your own private, in-house, 24/7 cell tower.
    The more data transmitted, the more radiation is required. Ergo: WiFi, which can send written data and photos, is more toxic than simple cell-phone messages. WiMAX, which can handle movies, videos, and huge transfers of written material, is more dangerous than WiFi.
    WiFi extends 300 feet from its port. When you turn it on in your house, you contaminate your neighbors.
    Hybrid cars infuse drivers and passengers with electromagnetic radiation.
    Compact fluorescent lights can trigger migraine headaches, dizziness, and epileptic seizures.
    Laboratory animals implanted with ID chips display an increase in malignant tumors, with the cancer often wrapped around the implant. This is the same device sold in pet stores to keep track of your beloved animal-people.
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