HHH confronts Booker.T


by Stinger1981

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phillip sanders
ya but h said that when he held the belt it was held by guys like vince russo and david arquette even though also h hadnt done any better with the belt at hte momoent so i guess he also had no room to talk
By phillip sanders6 years ago
La bonne époque de l'evolution, des bons segments, j'aimerais tant revivre tous ces agreables moments: Austin, Rock, HHH heel,Taker, Kane...
Maintenant l'ere attitude n'est plus laissons place a l'ére kids et marketing.
By NESS837 years ago
ca c'etait le bon temps
By wordlifekabylie137 years ago
you are right but two two championship title are in wwe the world heavyweight championship and the wwe championship the whc is now on raw john cena has it and the wwe championship jeff hardy has it it's in 2005 when batista leaves raw to go to smackdown he take the whc at smackdown and cena do the same thing with the wwe championship
By wordlifekabylie137 years ago
WTF? oO Correct me if i´m not right, but that´s the World Heavyweight Title and this title is still the same, even now! :D
By blogclappne7 years ago