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    The Greatest Fan Film of All Time

    Jacob Drake

    by Jacob Drake

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    Loved this. Have watched it a few times now. Very comical. Love how you play to all the fan boy notions and goofiness of some of the heroes. It amazes me how all the fan boys comments are about how Superman can't beat this guy, or mad about Batman being so stupid in the movie. They just don't get it. They are like Comic Book Guy in the movie, too obsessed to just sit back and enjoy this satire. The ending battle was epic. My favorite part was Flash & Emma Frost near the end. Good stuff!
    By wrestlgurl4 years ago
    wow.! that was just everywhere.!! the beginning was fun n had hopes, but then it just turned (no offence) weird, dark, stupid, n extremely boring..!! omg; I fell asleep thru it 4 times.!! BatMan was an idiot, n is Stan Lee that special.? then the movie became all about SuperMan; even the end credits was SuperMan's theme song.!! so besides the bad storyline.. it did have some funny moments, n I love that so many superheroes r seen together =D great job putting together a 45 mins animation; this must've taken a lot of time n work..*
    By iaagp5 years ago
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    By ranisahiba5 years ago
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    By 6SexyMouse735 years ago
    It would have been perfect if Batman hadn't been portrayed like a moron. But the story and animation are amazing. Did you intend for the Joker to look (and sound) like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons?
    By jeffreyallendavis6 years ago
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