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    Satriani Lawsuit Dismissed! judge has common sense and 1 ear

    peter michael

    by peter michael



    peter michael
    Come on now. We use release dates as the measurement. That's the date that the work gets "released" into the world.

    I don't think Satriani copied from Frances Limon. I think it's a well used chord progression, and a similar melody line with it has been used at least 10 times.

    That's what Coldplay are going to show in court, removing the legitimacy from Satriani's claim. And all they have to do is play Frances Limon in court.

    And IMO, nothing against Satriani, but writing over 10 years only proves to me, (along with my hearing) that the song has been Frankensteined together. And Martin probably wrote the bulk of Viva in less than a week.

    The coldplay fanbase is larger than any naysayers want to accept or admit.
    By peter michael7 years ago
    Satriani started writing it on the Flying In A Blue Dream tour back in 1990. Not after 2002.
    By pudux7 years ago