Cash Gifting Shocking Extra Income from Home


by ricoequator

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http://DailyCashGifts.com Visit my Cash Gifting website and I will change your life This section is open to user contributions. We are looking for quality content discussing specific cash gifting programs, persons, or techniques which are fraudulent or deceitful in nature. Submitted content must include verifiable facts. We also encourage you to post fraud alerts in the appropriate category of the cash gifting forum. Articles of interest: The Biblical Seven Activity Scam Comments Ecosov.800 Wednesday, September 17, 2008, 10:33:38 PM | admin In the words of Ecosov’s founder - “Before Q, ‘cash gifting’ had no identity.” As far as we know, Q still remains unidentified, but EcoSov is an abridged name for “Economic Sovereignty,” and a 15-minute slideshow of DisneyWorld, Bentleys, diamond rings, and luxury ocean-view hotels from an “approved mini-site” features a voiceover from someone claiming to be “Q.” “Q” never mentions during the video anything about how he actually got the money to finance the lifestyle he is promoting. The approved mini-site, by the way, comes at a cost of $950 for six months’ use. A PDF file at extremelyfastcash.com describes Ecosov.800 as “hands down the largest richest and most organized cash gifting machine on the planet!” EcoSov is a one-up system employing “cash tubes” instead of receiving lines, with all funds coming to you “from new members or existing members within.” Once again we have a cash gifting scheme which entices new members with dreams of “a movie star’s life”, and the folks at EcoSov aren’t kidding around. If you want to share their scheme you’ll have to fork over $6000, (Green Membership) or $18,500, (Black Membership) depending on which “Level of Envy” you want to join. “Other fees” may be applicable if you want to take advantage of Ecosov’s full range of marketing and recruiting ...

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OMFG! Awesome! .. btw anyone wannt to chat?? ..
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