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    Neighborhood of Make-Believe from 1508


    by Jennings

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    Mr. McFeely says he has received a turkeygram, instructing him to collect blue watermelons for the Royal picnic on Thursday. He calls for the Trolley to help him. The Trolley suggests a place. Lady Aberlin's turkeygram tells her of a fruit tree. Henrietta has a note as well, saying the magic fruit tree is behind the NOM wall. They push a door in the wall and find the tree bearing tiny, shiny fruit. When they find a bowl and a message reading "Fruit for you," Lady Aberlin and Henrietta pick the fruit. X asks them about the turkeygram he received. The note tells Lady Aberlin to pass through the door in the wall. She emerges with real fruit. The three of them prepare a fruit salad at Henrietta's kitchen. X criticizes Henrietta for not washing the fruit or using the right- fruit bowl. Henrietta is so upset with X's bossy ways that she leaves the kitchen. X and Lady Aberlin discuss how Henrietta feels. Henrietta refuses to share her cookies with X. Both X and Henrietta grudgingly admit their mistakes and promise to try again.