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    The Fenland


    par octo-pussy

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    Conceived and filmed in collaboration with a group of eight young market gardeners in the area of Saint Omer, Northern France, the film is a faithful testimony of a precise moment of the collective consciousness of the socio-economical problems in a group rather closed.
    The film expresses a moment of the social change without freezing it in an ideological or political analysis but, on the opposite, keeping the contradictory arguments.

    Script: Presentation of the Fenland, frame of life and work, 1st Part, the Production (material conditions and organisation), 2nd Part, Marketing. At last, the young people give their conclusions about the future of the Fenland, agicultural unions and the different possible options.
    More than through the commentary which rather acts as a help to transition, the frame of the film is mainly built through the conversations between the young fenlanders.