YouTube Boycott December 19th 2008 (Blackout)

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Here is the link to download the video if you wish to upload it to your channel: Boycott December 19th 2008.avi.html
**Special Thanks Goes Out To dekionplexis for providing the link! Thanks for all of your hard work dekionplexis!**

Here is another direct download link as well:
Thanks goes to figonapetter for the link above :)

Here is yet another link :)
Credit for this link goes to Jonas from the channel SCX2k. Thanks! :)

We want to thank Andie Tang for creating a FaceBook event to further spread the message of this movement. The FaceBook event is called Boycott Youtube December 19th for Free Speech. Please join the event if you wish to attend, and share this with all of your contacts :)



We urge everyone on YouTube to participate in a blackout on December 19th 2008. We have chosen this date because we needed enough time after this video was posted to gather enough attention and supporters in order to have an effect on the traffic on YouTube. So we figured almost two weeks from now would be a credible amount of time. The blackout can last how ever long each user feels is appropriate. We sincerely hope that everyone who is watching joins us on that day for this civil protest. Please do not forget that all of your clicks and video posts made this site what it is today. Without your clicks, watches, and videos there would be no YouTube. Thank You.

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Lets make this happen people! :)

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Merci pour la video :-) ... ,
Przez lovelybabe4all 3 lata temu
Nice editing! chat with me! hihi
Przez mary_cute 3 lata temu
Ya I hate you tube now. The "Is it a good idea to microwave this" show had to stop its cool experiments because it involved fire/explosions. This to me is the limit. You tube should be prosecuted and shut down.
Przez Kingnaster74 5 lat temu
Youtube it's a mafia involved in lies,kills,bribes,theft and even pedophilia
Przez Mike 5 lat temu
I agree man, Censorship is clearly NOT the way to go. F that. We need to speak out and start some serious movements, or LEAVE YOUTUBE altogether.
Przez Eduardo Estrella 6 lat temu
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