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    The Four Taus Story

    Harv Grandstaff

    by Harv Grandstaff

    MOVE OVER Rolling Stones and make way for the Fabulous Four Taus, who, like the Stones are one of the few early 60's rock bands whose original members are still alive and together! The year 2007 marks 45 years together and the band has received inquires about a celebration tour to capitalize on the wave of revival shows of previously hot groups. It is a rarity to find a 60s band that can still put together original members and original music. Falling into this category, the Fabulous Four Taus are one of those rare 60s rock bands that still get together and still record new CDs. The FOUR TAUS were all Phi Kappa Tau fraternity brothers at Southern Illinois University. To help put themselves through college and because they each had a love for music, the four men pictured in this slide show formed a fraternity band and called themselves "THE FOUR TAUS".