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    Fuel Air Explosives used on refugee camps


    by spyglass8

    Tamils activist held a vigil to draw attention on the use of cluster bombs by the Sri Lankan government as 120 countries gathered in Oslo to sign a landmark treaty banning the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of cluster munitions internationally. Signatory states are required to promote universalisation of the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM), to notify non-signatory parties of their treaty obligations, and to discourage non-signatory state parties from using cluster munitions.

    Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) bombers that attacked a hamlet of Internally Displaced Persons bordering Piramanthanaa'ru and Uzhavanoor in the early hours of Saturday 29-Nov 2008 have deployed Russian made OFAB-500 cluster type Fuel Air Explosive munitions. Their indiscriminate attack that killed three civilians, including a child, eyewitnesses told TamilNet's Vanni correspondent on Saturday. Seven children were among the wounded.