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    Hunt followers attempt to hide cruelty

    This short film documents the lengths to which followers of the Ward Union hunt will go to hide the suffering caused to deer during their cruel hunt.

    Included are scenes in which hunt monitors from the Irish Council Against Blood Sports are verbally abused and harassed on public roads. Also shown is the vehicle of a hunt follower driving slowly in the middle of a road in an attempt to interfere with the monitoring and filming of the hunt.

    The film ends with a montage of footage captured by ICABS over the past few hunt seasons. The footage shows terrified deer being chased by the hounds, cornered, bitten and dragged head-first to the ground.

    All footage was filmed during Ward Union hunts in County Meath, Ireland by Irish Council Against Blood Sports monitors.

    Please respond to our ongoing action alert. Email "Ban the Ward Union carted deer hunt" to Environment Minister, John Gormley (The Green Party) -

    Ask Minister Gormley to stop licensing this cruel hunt and to fulfil his party's pre-election promise that they would end blood sports when they got into government.

    For more information on the cruelty of carted deer hunting, click on "Campaigns" at