Darkie Day


by AD82ProductionsUK

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Cornish folk in black-face; harmless tradition or an act of racial mockery? Independent filmmaker, D. Bruce-Konuah embarks on a journey across England to find out what "Darkie Day" is all about.


Lets go to nottinghill carnival and tell everyone to stay their own colour and take offence to black people wearing make-up,get a life you child.Why can black people use the word nigger? If a non black uses it its wrong,what the f**k is going on?
By andy cox 6 years ago
lots of the comments here are fine examples of the same ignorance i was describing in my previous post. the more ignorant they are, the more adamantly and aggressively they assert their feeble views. anyone who wants to learn about the history - and ongoing effects - of the minstrel-show should check out spike lee's "bamboozled" the title is appropriate.
By redpeppr 6 years ago
to zeitgeist: i know - i was being extremely sarcastic. the english and the americans and many other imprialist european nations have worked hard to annihilate indigenous culture in every land they have claimed throughout their blood-soaked imperialist histories. i am native canadian - my people's culture has been and continues to be ravaged by the brutal practices of colonial domination. this "innocent celebration" and the people's defense of it is a fine example of the ongoing ignorance and deep racism of so many "first" world inhabitants.
By redpeppr 6 years ago
where's the racism,there not saying kill you or burn you ,,there celebrating a local black man who helped end the slave trade,,he was a hero and there proud of him....
there not celebrating past history but the moving on to the modern day world.
get over youre selves and enjoy the different local celebrations around he country for what they are,,that is "an excuse for a pub crawl"....enjoy it,the party is for all !!!
By jimjag 6 years ago
RACIST? where was the racism you bunch of Left Wing PC PRATS. This is their tradition. If you are a darker shade of pale don't go there, if you are going to be so easily OFFENDED.
By ChristusRegnat 6 years ago
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