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    Mike Litman Tries Island Fire Noni for the First Time #200

    Kevin Gianni

    by Kevin Gianni

    113 views - I feel like I don't even have to introduce Mike Litman... Why? Because he's been such an influence on how I've grown my mindset over the past 5-6 years. But of course, for those of you who don't know who he is, he deserves a bit of drum roll type intro on the show. I got his "Greatness Held Hostage" CD maybe 5 years ago and it literally changed the way I thought about everything. Mike has interviewed a list of who's who in the entrepreneurial world, he's connected with many influential people, he's a motivator and he's created an amazing coaching team in the past... he's got a few things up his sleeve as well (which is the reason for our meeting today). So basically, he's a pretty cool guy... and what's even better yet, he and hjis brother Brian (who together run their coaching business) have an adventurous spirit. We took 'em to Quintessence and gave the shots of Island Fire (raw noni) from Elements for Life... Take a look to see what they thought... (Mike also gives a tidbit of greatness as well for you all!)