Plies ft. Ashanti - Want It, Need It

Diego Caruso

per Diego Caruso

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3 commenti

Baby this my song I don't care what nobody say to me because this is me and my baby song for life you your babygirl mrz.spongebob on deck david love you always no bitch can run over this one to get to you because that's when I wan't it and that's when I need it babyboy love you david we keep it real because wefrom miami florida baby and you already no miami migers and chicks keep thing real bitch..............because we are the real goons in orlando florida baby for real niger
Di popcake2 6 anni fa
I get so wet when I think about david and when I'm on the phone to baby because he already no that's when I want it and that's when I need it okey don't hate bitche's
Di popcake2 6 anni fa
This is my song right here ever time I hear this song come on I think about my babydaddy david because every time I get ma at him and we don't see each other like for a day or two I put this song on and it make me think about him when I listion to it because we do the same thing like plies is saying in this song likewhen he said every time she want sex she send me a text but I dont send a text I call his cell phone baby instead because he no it's time to get ready for this pussy because he already know I care for him each and every day I get up to see the next great day of my life again baby because we keep things real between us each and every day we together...................okey that's what you call you care for them and that's when i need it BABY...$$$$$$$$$ money,money,money on deck BABY...........
Di popcake2 6 anni fa