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    Chicago 8mm, 16mm Transfers To DVD

    Jeff Dildine

    by Jeff Dildine

    Do you have boxes of old home movies or 35mm slides? Are they setting around collecting dust in a basement or attic? Are you curious to know what’s on them? Don’t know where to take them to get them converted to DVD? We can help! We transfer slides, super 8, 8mm and 16mm film to video. We make it easy. Do you work or live in Chicago or the suburbs? We come to you. We will pick up your film and slides from your Chicago office or home and convert them to a DVD that can be played on any DVD player on the market today. We will deliver the finished product back to you. Don’t let your precious memories get ruined. We do all the work. Remember when grandpa setup the movie screen and projector and showed the family movies. Let us convert your home movies and slides so you can have your own movie night and relive all the memories from yesteryear. Our film conversion prices start at just .32 cents per foot and our slide conversions start at just .45 cents per slide. Don’t let a flood, fire or mother nature ruin your most valuable memories. View our brochure Download the order form

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