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    Private Box (Part 3)


    par ZoeLydia

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    This is my video about Private Box. A space where your memories are kept. Inside, things could be concrete, could be changeable, doubtable, or false. They change as time flows.


    本人走進了五個同是年青人的房間,打開他們的私房盒,窺探他們的收藏品,了解他們對紀 念價值如何定義。意想不到的物品如:掃描器、木凳、勞工手套、羽毛是他們不會掉走的物 品,更意想不到的是他們對於自己的私房盒也不是100%了解,總是有些不明來歷物件在 他們的私房盒出現。
    錄像中以五個真實訪問、五個虛構故事穿插而成:故事以訪問中有如UFO的的五件物品為 起點,發展出五段在房與房之間的幻想曲。當中,收看的人游離於現實與虛幻之間,暗喻記 憶脆弱的本質。就算自以為記得清清楚楚的事也不代表它存在的真確性。

    Things ain't kept for nothing. This video has drilled into 5 juveniles' rooms as well as their private boxes, trying to make sense of their very concept of "privateness". Such unexpected entries were found to exist: a scanner, a wooden stool, a pair of labor gloves, a feather...some of which were so bizarre that they've shocked the owners up when there was supposed to be one. Apparently, these people were still far from understanding their private boxes. The video is composed of half documentary and half narrative. Truths and tales are made indistinguishable in the video, as it tries to imitate the capricious nature of fragile memory from the unknown items that had been found from the 5 juveniles' private boxes, struggling between facts and illusions.

    Length: 40min
    Year: 2004
    Genre: Narrative+Documentary
    Director/Script/Camera/Editor: ZoeLydia
    Actress: Maggie Chan Foon Yan
    Shooting in Hong Kong