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    Cash Gifting


    by ricoequator

    60 views We've all heard about the next BIG home based business opportunity. You know, the one that will make you an instant millionaire and you won't have to do any work to get there. All you have to do is send in your money and the next thing you know in 30 to 60 days you will never have to go to the 9 to 5 ever again. Yes, and I have a parcel of land ... We also all know that marketing on the internet can be a risky business at best if we know nothing about the company or better yet some of the people that promote the company. More and more we all need to have our scam radar working overtime to decipher the real work at home opportunity from the Get Rich Quick scheme. One of the best income opportunities ever offered is a "real" Cash Gifting program. Now with that said it must be brought to light that there is a difference in this type of program. Some cash programs in the past were just "pyramid schemes" dressed up for a night out on the town. So let's look at what it takes to make a real Cash Gifting program work for anyone that gets involved. Cash Gifting can be defined as: The act of privately or publicly giving another person or entity a declared sum of cash, (as a gift) and giving it freely without coerce or consideration. Cash Gifting is in no way a loan or any type of payment for goods or services received. Now guess why it's called a cash gift... because that's exactly what it is. Let's lay out a few of the reasons some of the Cash Gifting programs in the past have failed in a very short time: 1) The founders of some of these programs had no concept of how to set up a proper Cash Gifting program to assist the members with a working "business model". Any home based business or work at home opportunity needs a proper plan of operation to be a success, even a Cash Gifting program. 2) No tracking system was devised to keep all of the members abreast of what monies were coming their way or when to expect them. 3) There were no legal documents created nor provided to outline the ...