Unique Bicep Exercise For Building Bicep Peak

Lee Hayward
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http://www.LeeHayward.com This is a unique bicep exercise that is great for finishing off a bicep workout and getting a good peak contraction throughout the biceps. You set it up by attaching a single handle to the low pulley cable row machine. Sit far ahead on the bench, bend your knees at 90 degree angles, and brace your elbow on the inside of your knee. Perform concentration curls with one arm at a time, similar to how you would if using dumbbells. But because the exercise uses a cable instead you'll get constant tension on the muscles at all times through the full range of motion.

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I really like that,I'm for sure gonna put that in my routine.I just purchased a full size dual pulley cablecross machine for my basement,could you show me more cable exercises? the more the better!!
By Joseph Grzybinski 6 years ago