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    iSnowGlobe with Christmas Sound Effects

    Kiichi Takeuchi

    by Kiichi Takeuchi

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    Imagine a magical world where everything is swirled with snow and holiday music. iSnowGlobe brings a snowy white Christmas into the palm of your hand on your iPhone. Stirr up the holiday spirit with snowmen, Christmas trees and endless snowflakes.

    The features of iSnowGlobe include:
    - A snowy white theme swirled in snow, a snowman, and a holiday tree
    - Magical music in the background which brings the holiday spirit to you
    - Four different sound effects that can bring warmth and joy to your family and friends at the push of a button

    Our sounds:
    - Christmas Bells
    - Reindeer Sleigh Bells
    - Santa's Little Helper's Bells
    - Santa's Ho Ho Ho

    Extra Bonus:
    - As an added bonus, you can also rotate your iPhone to change the direction that the snow falls!

    Check out iSnowGlobe with Christmas Sound Effects!