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Are There RF Non-Thermal Effects?

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In the later part of the hearing, Kucinich asked whether cell phone radiation could cause non-thermal effects. Carpenter responded that "there are literally hundreds of experimental studies in animals and cells that show effects without heating." But, he said, the strongest evidence comes from epidemiology, specifically the increase in brain cancer after ten years of use.

Herberman agreed that there are "quite a number of studies" that show effects and damage. "[What] struck me the most," Herberman said, "are several reports from very experienced credible scientists of damage to the DNA, which we know is the central mechanism for developing tumors and malignant cancer."

Kucinich followed up by asking, "How would that happen?… How could RF radiation conceivably change or damage DNA?" Herberman, who acknowledged that this was indeed "surprising," responded that his "favorite hypothesis" was that the RF signal generates reactive oxygen species, which can damage DNA.

When Hoover was asked to comment, he raised concerns as to the reliability of the papers on RF-induced DNA breaks. "I know that very recently there have been reports of the ability to do genetic damage," he said. "Some of them, I guess, are currently under scrutiny, as to whether they might be withdrawn or not. So, I think the area is actually still evolving."
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