Lo Han, Blanched Almonds, Raw Honey, Ezekiel Bread and ...

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Kevin Gianni
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http://www.therenegadehealthshow.com - Bunch of questions today... Here are the ones that I go over: - I have a question - the recipe says for the almonds to soak overnight and blanched. Can you tell us what it meant by that (I thought blanching was a quick dip in boiling water)? - why do u never mention lo han for use as a sweetener, which is a Chinese fruit? - can you clarify on which honey you are talking about. I am guessing that the honey I buy in the grocerie store is not it? - Curious…would you consider Ezekiel Bread (frozen bread you can by at the health food store based on “whole” sprouted grains) a whole food? - My question is that fresh coconut sold in supermarket is chemical treated? Enjoy...