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    Dead Man Walking | Overkill: A Love Story Ep. 1


    by 60Frames

    3 765 views
    It is time for death row inmate Henry "The Overkiller" Graham to meet his fate. But is it the electric chair...or something far worse?

    The Overkiller - the most gruesome, over-the-top, excessive, more-than-enough, ridiculous, abundantly effective and extreme serial killer is...Henry? The authorities certainly think so and have thrown him in the slammer. But beautiful, young Carrie has fallen for this seemingly average former retail store worker and has decided to pursue him and bring him into her heart and home. What follows is your regular dysfunctional family comedy with a few slight twists. Tune in and enjoy.

    Created by Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia. Starring Tom Arnold as Robert, Allison Munn as Carrie, Brendan Brandt as Henry, and Suanne Spoke as Sarah.

    OverKill: A Love Story is a 60Frames original series. For more information, please visit us at