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    14 Major Pesticides Removed by Super Food Zeolite


    by SuperFoodLiving

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    During the history of the Earth, whenever lava merged with the ocean and a steam reaction occurred, there you will likely find a zeolite deposit. Zeolites have been used for over 800 years in Asian countries as a nutritional remedy to promote overall health and well-being. They have also been used for the last 30 years in the U.S. with animals, and in humans over the last 13 years.
    The product represented by this description is a purified form of zeolites we call natural activated liquid zeolites. Activated liquid zeolites are made by micronizing (finely grinding) zeolite powder, purifying the zeolites of excess minerals, and suspending the zeolite particles in water. This increases the surface area of the zeolites allowing them to be 8 times more effective than zeolite powder alone. Natural activated liquid zeolites help draw out from the body toxic metals, pesticides, herbicides, furans, etc. Anecdotal evidence suggests that natural liquid zeolites act to break down harmful calcium phosphate crystals (apatite or biofilms) that seem to afflict nearly everyone at some point or another. Dr. Gabriel Cousens has confirmed that this natural liquid zeolites product is the only product he has seen that can remove all fourteen of the major pesticides he tests for in his clinic. Zeolites are truly a gift to help us live healthier and happier lives in an increasingly toxic world.
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