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    Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 12:Astronauts Say They're Hoaxing

    ArchAngel Michael

    by ArchAngel Michael

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    Astronauts Admit They've Been Hoaxing/Tricking Everyone.

    At :11 the Astronauts are advised by Houston that the camera is not working properly, then one of the Astronauts laughs out loud. At :41 an Astronaut says, "Hey once we learned to trick you all, we couldn't do anything about it" Then straight away the other Astronaut replies very emphatically at :47 "That may do it, that may do it right there Houston".
    Journal Text: 115:59:45

    At :56 one Astronaut says to the other, "Have you got anything to be appreciative at", the other Astronaut replies, "Ok, you go ahead, its difficult tricking them, its so tender up here under these lights",(Artificial Lighting in the Fake Moon-Set) then the first Astronaut replies, "Well, I know"
    Journal Text: 116:05:42

    The Astronaut says at 1:07 "You really do begin to adapt, just hop a little bit, if you turned around and walk over to your right a little bit & look over into that crater, your going to see a CHILD sitting there, and that's one team slip is on, ok now what have you got all over your boot."
    Apollo 12 Video. That may have been a small one for Neil.
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    At 1:22 the Astronaut Al, says, "I don't think I was this drunk, every night, every night". Then Astronaut Pete says to Al, "Hey Al, you can work out here all day, just take your time". at 1:38 Astronaut Al replies, "Almost to cold on on, ah, in the media, and I'm thinking seriously of going to......end" After a long silence at 1:53 a previously unheard mysterious voice says something unclear, then at 1:56 Astronaut Al says "Are we assured" At 2:11 the other Astronaut Pete, is heard supposedly casually just hum singing, his words are, "Dumb, dumb dumb dumb, dumb dumb dumb dumb," then whispers, "don't".
    Journal Text: 115:32:52

    This video as you hear it, is located for download at NASA site: