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    Diamond Alignment bridges Spiritual and Material Wealth


    by DiamondAlignment

    50 views Diamond Alignment Founder, Jacqueline Joy, speaks about how Diamond Alignment bridges Spiritual and Material wealth…transcending a collective belief that we cannot have both. The Diamond Energy carries the vibration of inner Spiritual Wealth and outer material wealth as ONE…no separation. This is not a mental process. It is an energy transmission. When we say “Yes” to Diamond Alignment, we receive a direct transmission of this vibration, no longer having to choose spiritual wealth at the cost of material well being or material wealth at the cost of spiritual well being. We are able to live in true Joy and Wealth of Being….wealth enjoyed spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and materially. Diamond Alignment is a Sacred Technology for the 21st century, offering high-speed connection and alignment with the Divine Power Within through a revolutionary online phenomenon: the Diamond Alignment Experience. Convenient yet profound, this exclusive multi-sensory energy experience delivered via the Internet brings mental clarity, deep body relaxation and a sense of Inner Peace… all the benefits of meditation and more… in just 6 minutes… whenever it is needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by subscription.