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    Joy... the essence of Diamond Alignment


    by DiamondAlignment

    19 views Diamond Alignment Founder, Jacqueline Joy, speaks about the visceral feeling of Joy that comes from saying “Yes” to the Soul wherever it may lead us… trusting the adventure of “not knowing” what comes next. Jacqueline Joy, herself, emanates the ecstasy of Joy and Cosmic Laughter that is experienced when one fully lives this adventure with trust and faith in their Connection to Universal Energy through Diamond Alignment. This vibration of Joy is transmitted through Diamond Alignment, a Sacred Technology for the 21st Century, which uses the Internet to deliver a revolutionary online metaphysical phenomenon called the Diamond Alignment Experience to awaken and stimulate inner Joy and aliveness. Convenient yet profound, this exclusive multi-sensory energy experience clears the mind, relaxes the body and creates a sense of Inner Peace… in just 6 minutes.... whenever it’s needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by subscription.