If you were a woman


par breizhoo01

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Reprise de la chanson "if i were a boy" par le groupe ahmir

Début de la chanson: 2min10


If you were a woman, even just for a day,
You would recognize a real man, and let them boys go on out and play,
You drink wine with the girls, say the boys do you wrong,
Then you run back to the nonsense, now you wanna write a song,

If you were a woman, I think you could understand,
How to recognize a boy, and realize who's a better man,
Just cuz you think he's fine, and he got money to burn,
That don't mean he's perfect for you, that don't mean he'll purchase for you,
Baby when will you ever learn

Its a little too late you can just save your voice,
I don't appreciate being your second choice,
Girl you thought he was made for you, you thought wrong,

Cuz you're just a girl, still tryna play with them boys,
And though it seems like they never need you,
You wondering why they treat you, just like a toy,
If you were a woman, then you would deal with a man,
Not some boy out here running these streets,
Leaving you all alone under those sheets,
Baby I just think you don't understand....