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Stop violence against women TV spot

il y a 9 ans635 views

Statistics show that 12 % to 15 % of women in Europe face violence in the home every day.
The Council of Europe – Europe’s leading human rights organisation - has decided it is time it stopped. It has launched a campaign in its member countries to criminalise domestic violence, ensure support for victims and foster new attitudes so that violence against women in the home will no longer be tolerated. Everyone has a role to play.
Parliaments United The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and national parliaments are involved in the campaign. Parliamentarians from your country will co-ordinate and implement initiatives. For more information on how your Parliament is participating in this Campaign, Please see our web site.

National governments of the Council of Europe are contributing to this Campaign through national campaigns and other activities to implement a Recommendation on the protection of women against violence, which they adopted in 2002. Focal points and high-level officials have been appointed within national governments to taken action at national level.