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Zeeko Wave session: A perfect Moment

il y a 10 ans226 views



A perfect winter wave session in the south of France.
Winter arrived, 5°C in the morning.
I received a phone call from Alex: "Nico follow me to la Grande Motte, waves just arrived, wind is picking up and temperature is 14°C".
Nic: "Impossible, temperature is too cold here (20km far away from the beach!!!)".
Alex: "Trust me and take your kite"
I prepare my new toys: Notus 9m² and the brand new freestyle/wave board: the Bhoot from Zeeko.
Take my car and every km I drive t° picked up by 1°C, awesome!
Just arrived on the beach, see the results on the video: An endless windy day.

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Zeeko Wave session: A perfect Moment
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